I was a huge fan of Instagram until that big chronological order change happened, and until the ads really took hold. I used to feel it was my relaxation time checking out everyone’s feed but realistically, the last few months I’ve felt that it’s more of a distraction from daily life and getting work done which is not good for me because I don’t feel great when I’m not getting stuff done. So, in the interests of keeping my finger away from the insta app button I’m going to be slowing (not stopping but certainly slowing) my feed up on here and doing more over on my old blog. I will be slowing my watching of everyone’s accounts also and because of the way Instagram works now if I miss your posts or tags I’m sorry, I will of course still maintain the @themachineshow account. The blog link is in the bio... although sometimes it needs a couple of tries to get on for some reason....it’s almost like Instagram doesn’t WANT to link you to a blogger site...... it’s www.machineshed.blogspot.com anyways. Just did a post about the KH rebuild that @bradomiller is running for me....we hope to have this bike finished for the Boogaloo next year. #themachinefiles #bitboredoftheoldinstachopchop